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Survey, Mapping and Data Processing

A wide range of Survey, Mapping and Geospatial services including: UAV Photogrammetry and LiDAR Survey, 2D/3D Mapping (Base Map and Thematic), GNSS Survey and Data Processing and also Satellite imaginary data Analysis.

Our latest solution is Stereo Enable Mapping 3D (STEM3D) is mapping solution combining UAV photogrammetry, UAV LiDAR, Stereo-Enabled Data Processing to produce detailed 3D Map and features

Geospatial Information System

The growth of Information Technology (IT) sector making geospatial information become part of basic public’s need, GLOBEE Telemapping Indonesia providing innovative GIS solution with the latest technology either using local infrastructure or cloud computing server for Business and Government application

Training & Software

GLOBEE Telemapping Indonesia provide Geospatial Training such as UAV Mapping, GIS training, GNSS measurement, data processing, etc. Based on practical necessity curriculum of our training solution are adjusted to customer/client needs.