Geospatial Information System

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01. Web GIS

In its simplest form, web GIS can be defined as any GIS that uses web technology to communicate between a server and a client. By utilizing the Internet to access information over the web, web GIS introduces distinct advantages over traditional desktop GIS, including the following: global reach, large number of users, Better cross-platform capability, Low cost as averaged by the number of users, Easy to us, etc.

02. Geospatial Data Management

GIS allow data from different sources to be merged in one common format, which allow easy for analysis and utilization. There are 3 main type of geospatial information data which stored on a GIS system: feature classes, Raster data sets and attribute descriptive information, and can be organized as a logical set of layers or themes.

Data base relation are quite important for the success of Geospatial data management. Industry standard of geospatial data structure and format are available to harmonize technical specification for developers, business partners and users. Standard help to optimize operation and improve quality. Geospatial Standard increases the compatibility of components, product and services.

03. GIS application

Geographical Information System was built to provide solutions based on geospatial analysis. Constantly growing information technology has successfully made geospatial information become public’s need.

Globee provides solution to innovative GIS with latest technology using local infrastructure or cloud computing for Government and Business application.