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Stereo Enable Mapping 3D (STEM3D) is mapping solution combining UAV photogrammetry, UAV LiDAR, Stereo-Enabled Data Processing to produce detailed 3D Map and features.  Combination of several survey and data processing methods are proven to be cost effective and project efficient as it accumulate all of its advantages in producing 3D Map.

STEM3D designed for wide ranges of survey project (in term of cost and scale) also in various industry such as: Construction, Housing, Plantation, Mining, etc. Deliverables, data format, data warranty and support plan scheme is part of services to ensure maximum result in term of its usability and effectiveness also good data management and documentation.

Stereo Enable Data Processing

Stereo Enable Data Processing able to increase the accuracy of both UAV Photogrammetry and LiDAR data for 3D Map creation. STEM3D is cost effective and project efficient solution in creating accurate 3D map


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IDR 51.000/hectare

Combination of UAV Photogrammetry, UAV LiDAR and Stereo-Enabled Data Processing for up to 3600 Hectares of area within 3 months period

Wide range of data output for customer’s preferences from *.JPG, Geotiff, OBJ, LAS, XYZ, Shapefiles and *.DXF and free data migration from one type to another within 3 months period of time. 25% per hectares pricing will be applied for data migration activity on the subsequent months

Free data storage of 12 months within GloBee Telemapping Data Project Server

Email and Chat support from GloBee technical and data processing Team for rapid responses towards our valued customers

Volume Measurement features to allow engineering purposes

Stockpile Reporting using Customers preferred formats

24/7 Customer Support

For any other data processing requirements, feel free to contact us at

02. 2D and 3D mapping (Base-map and Thematic map)



Base-map and Topography map can generated by digitizing satellite imaginaries, Aerial Photogrammetry Data, Topographic survey data, and also by using other secondary data sources. We able to perform 3D mapping/digitation using stereo-data or traditional 2D mapping/Digitation using imaginary and also we can combine imaginary data with other survey data sources such as: LiDAR, GNSS Survey, IFSAR and etc. for our data processing and mapping process.

Throughout QC are performed to maintained quality of the digitation based on its scale, mapping and cartographic principles. GIS deliverables are standard output for 3D and 2D Digitization, other format such as DWG, DXF, DGN, Map Layout, etc.  also can be produced based on Customer/Client requirement.

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Thematic Map


Thematic map derived from base map data by combining base map with other spatial data and/or by adding attribution to the base map data so spatial analysis can be performed to produce a new. Thematic map provide specific information about particular location.  Following are examples of thematic map: disaster potential maps, natural resources map, urban planning maps, etc.

03. GNSS survey and Data Processing

GNSS technology development are making GNSS survey becoming more effective and efficient. Various applications of GNSS surveys are available for different purposes and can be implement to any project including (not limited) mapping, construction, mining, oil and gas, agricultural, etc. Different GNSS measurement method can be utilized such as RTK, Dual-Differential Static, Stand Alone Static, RT-PPP, PPK, etc. All of those method have its benefit and excellence which can be implemented to real word project.

Globee Telemapping Indonesia providing GNSS survey and mapping solution including data acquisition and processing.  Our professional and experienced team combine with well-planned activities and 24 hours office support are available to give best solution for our client.


04. Satellite Imagery Data analysis

Satellite Imagery is the image of Earth which are collected by imaging satellites. Traditionally satellite imagery are being used as data source for 2D maps digitation. Other than that Satellite imaginary data can be analyzed for many different purposes such as extracting vegetation, agricultural project, infrastructure monitoring and etc.

Globee Telemapping Indonesia provide wide services for Satellite Imagery Data Analysis including satellite analysis, data purchasing and data management.